The Profile

“ When recording music, our strongest focus is on the artiste and the music. We do all we can to make the artiste feel as comfortable as possible, making sure we provide the best environment so they can produce their best results enhancing to create a unique and inspiring recording experience. "

Studio Spandan started its journey in October 2009 with the inspirations of the renowned musicians and film personalities of Bengal. Besides, with the active participation of Bihaan Music and Capital Art Press, the institution achieved a wide popularity in a short period of time. In order to focus and establish an inspirational studio environment for artists in Kolkata and surburbs, Studio Spandan was designed and built with utmost care by renowned architect maintaining a philosophy of passionately producing the best possible sounding records.

The studio space as well as the enviroment itself boasts mind-boggling views of the musicians. The layout of the studio, including the placement of furniture and availability of amenities, fosters a positive energy environment and an inspiring recording atmosphere. The Studio facilitate the artiste not only with a sound studio but with an equipped video editing station availing all the modern equipments to edit and produce a motion picture.